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TEI Group announces promotion of Raymond Downs to Senior Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety

In assuming his new role, Raymond rea rms his long term commitment to the company, overseeing best in class safety practices. TEI Group President Mark Gregorio commented, "Ray continues to lead not only our program but set his focus on industry wide health & safety standards. We are thrilled to have Raymond play a greater role within our organization.

For over three decades Ray has developed, implemented and overseen health and safety programs directed to the vertical transportation industry at both the local and national level.

In the pursuit of furthering safety, Ray has authored several articles, including, "So you think you have a safety program?" and actively participates in industry associations, including the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Fire Protection Agency. Additionally, Ray is a member on the National Association of Elevator Constructors (NAEC) and the National Elevator Industry Inc., (NEII) Safety Committees.

At TEI Group, all employees have been trained and safety standards deployed to ensure eld compliance and customer's expectations are met at the highest level.